1: 1. American fast food, like McDonald's and KFC, are all the rage in Japan.

2: 2. Hollywood movies and TV shows are hugely popular in Japan.

3: 3. American pop music, from Taylor Swift to Bruno Mars, has a huge following in Japan.

4: 4. American fashion brands, like Nike and Levi's, are super trendy in Japan.

5: 5. American cars, especially luxury brands like Tesla and Cadillac, are coveted in Japan.

6: 6. American sports, such as basketball and baseball, have a dedicated fan base in Japan.

7: 7. American technology products, like Apple and Google, are must-haves in Japan.

8: 8. American snacks and candies, such as Reese's and Hershey's, are beloved in Japan.

9: 9. American holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, are celebrated with enthusiasm in Japan.