Fan Poll: What's Your Favorite Toby Keith Album


Join the discussion and cast your vote in our fan poll to determine the ultimate favorite Toby Keith album among fans worldwide.

Should've Been a Cowboy

Toby Keith's debut album introduced fans to his signature sound and featured the chart-topping hit of the same name, capturing the hearts of country music enthusiasts.

You Like Me Now

This album marked a career milestone for Toby Keith, featuring the chart-topping title track along with other standout hits that solidified his status as a country music powerhouse.

Shock'n Y'all

With its blend of high-energy anthems and heartfelt ballads, "Shock'n Y'all" showcased Toby Keith's versatility as an artist and earned praise from fans and critics alike.

Honkytonk University

Named after Keith's own college of hard knocks, this album delivered a mix of rowdy honky-tonk tunes and reflective ballads, resonating with fans on a personal level.

American Ride

Toby Keith's "American Ride" album celebrated the spirit of the USA with its patriotic themes and catchy tunes, earning acclaim from fans for its upbeat energy and patriotic pride.

Hope on the Rocks

This introspective album showcased Toby Keith's storytelling prowess and emotional depth, connecting with fans on a deeply personal level with its poignant lyrics and heartfelt melodies.

35 MPH Town

With its introspective lyrics and laid-back vibe, "35 MPH Town" offered fans a reflective journey through Toby Keith's life and experiences, earning praise for its authenticity and sincerity.


Which Toby Keith album is your favorite? Cast your vote and join the discussion to share your thoughts on why it's the best among his impressive discography.