Meet the Astronauts: Exclusive Interviews with NASA's Space Explorers


Get a behind-the-scenes look at NASA's elite team of astronauts through exclusive interviews, offering insights into their experiences, motivations, and challenges.


Learn about the rigorous selection process that candidates undergo to become NASA astronauts, including physical and mental evaluations.


Discover the intense training regimen that astronauts undergo to prepare for space missions, from simulated spacewalks to survival training in extreme environments.


Explore how astronauts are assigned to specific missions based on their skills, expertise, and mission objectives, ranging from research aboard the International Space.

Life in Space

Hear firsthand accounts of life aboard the ISS and other space missions, including daily routines, scientific experiments, and the challenges of living and working in microgravity.


Gain insight into the exhilarating experience of spacewalks, or EVAs, as astronauts venture outside the confines of their spacecraft to perform maintenance and conduct experiments.


Learn about the groundbreaking scientific research conducted by astronauts in space, ranging from studying the effects of microgravity on the human body.

Future Missions

Discover NASA's plans for future missions and exploration, including returning to the Moon through the Artemis program and eventually journeying to Mars.


Through exclusive interviews with NASA's space explorers, gain a deeper appreciation for the incredible feats of human spaceflight.