The Ultimate Guide: Matching Mascara Shades with Your Eye Color


Understanding how different mascara shades can complement various eye colors can enhance your overall look.


Opt for mascaras in warm tones like brown, bronze, or even navy blue to make your blue eyes pop. Avoid harsh black mascaras that can overpower

Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed beauties have the flexibility to experiment with various mascara shades. Rich blacks, deep browns, plums, and even vibrant colors like emerald 

Green Eyes

Enhance the earthiness of green eyes with mascaras in complementary hues such as plum, burgundy, or deep brown. For a bold statement, try mascaras with hints

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes possess a unique blend of colors, allowing for versatile mascara choices. Earthy tones like brown or warm burgundy can bring out the green and gold flecks

Gray Eyes

Mascara shades with cool undertones like charcoal or soft black can beautifully complement the coolness of gray eyes. Steer clear of overly warm tones to maintain


Mascara shades with warm undertones such as rich browns, copper, or even golden hues can enhance the golden warmth present in amber eyes. Avoid overly cool tones that may

Violet Eyes

Embrace the rarity of violet eyes with mascaras in deep plum or violet tones to accentuate their unique color. Avoid overpowering shades that may distract from the natural


Consider not only the color but also the finish of the mascara. Matte finishes can provide a subtle and sophisticated look, while glossy finishes can