Toby Keith: Playlist for Life

Should've Been

A youthful anthem celebrating freedom and adventure, resonating with dreams and aspirations.

American Soldier

Honoring sacrifice and duty, this song pays tribute to the courage and valor of those in uniform.

Red Solo Cup

A lighthearted ode to friendship and good times, symbolizing joyous moments shared with loved ones.

Don't Let the

Encouraging resilience and seizing the day, reminding listeners to embrace life's challenges with vigor.

Courtesy of the Red

Channeling patriotic fervor, it embodies strength and unity in the face of adversity.

My List

Expressing love and gratitude, emphasizing the importance of cherishing the ones who matter most.

Drinks After

A celebratory anthem, capturing the anticipation and camaraderie of unwinding after a long day.

Who's Your Daddy

Asserting confidence and self-assurance, it exudes a sense of empowerment and boldness.

Beer for My Horses

Reflecting on justice and camaraderie, it embodies the spirit of standing up for what's right.

Love This Bar

Embracing the simplicity of life's pleasures, it celebrates the cherished moments spent in familiar places with cherished company.