"Toby Keith Trivia: How Well Do You Know the Country Icon?"

Early Life:

Where was Toby Keith born and raised, and what was his childhood like?

Musical Influences

Which artists inspired Toby Keith to pursue a career in country music?

Breakthrough Hit

What was Toby Keith's first major hit single, and when was it released?

Album Success

How many studio albums has Toby Keith released throughout his career?

Songwriting Skills

Can you name one of the hit songs written by Toby Keith for another artist?

Award-Winning Artist

How many Academy of Country Music Awards has Toby Keith won?

Chart-Topping Tracks

Besides "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," name one of Toby Keith's other number one singles.


In addition to his music career, in which movies has Toby Keith appeared?


What charitable causes is Toby Keith known for supporting?

Personal Life

How many times has Toby Keith been married, and what are the names of his children?