Toby Keith's Musical Collaborations: A Closer Look

Willie Nelson

"Beer for My Horses" - A classic duet celebrating the cowboy spirit and the pursuit of justice.


"I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying" - A surprising collaboration blending country and pop influences.

Krystal Keith

"Mockingbird" - A heartfelt duet with his daughter, showcasing their harmonious bond.

Merle Haggard

"She Ain't Hooked on Me No More" - A collaboration with the legendary Haggard, paying homage to traditional country sounds.

Lionel Richie

Sail Away" - A unique blend of country and R&B featuring Richie's soulful vocals.

Jimmy Buffett

Piece of Work" - A fun and laid-back collaboration capturing the essence of island life.

Willie Nelson

"The Critic" - A humorous take on dealing with criticism, featuring fellow country artists.

Kip Moore

"Call a Marine" - A powerful collaboration honoring the sacrifices of military service members.

Hank Williams

"Country Comes to Town" - A rowdy anthem celebrating the country lifestyle and good times.

Dave Koz

"Cryin' for Me (Wayman's Song)" - A heartfelt tribute featuring smooth jazz saxophone accompaniment, honoring the memory of a friend.