Toby Keith's Timeless Classics

Should've Been

Toby Keith's debut single, released in 1993, became an instant classic with its catchy melody and storytelling lyrics.

Courtesy of the Red

This patriotic anthem released in 2002 stirred controversy and resonated with many Americans after the 9/11 attacks.

Beer for My Horses

A duet with Willie Nelson, this 2003 hit celebrates the American cowboy spirit with its upbeat tempo and infectious chorus.

How Do You Like

Released in 1999, this song marked a turning point in Keith's career, showcasing his defiant attitude and determination.

I Love This Bar

A lively tribute to the local watering hole, this 2003 single became a favorite among country music fans for its relatable lyrics and catchy melody.

American Soldier

Another patriotic hit released in 2003, this song pays homage to the sacrifices made by members of the U.S. military.

As Good as I Once

This humorous yet introspective song from 2005 reflects on aging and the passage of time with Keith's signature wit and charm.

Red Solo Cup

A party anthem released in 2011, this quirky song became a modern classic with its catchy chorus and humorous lyrics.

A Little Less Talk

One of Keith's early hits from 1993, this song is known for its catchy hook and upbeat tempo.

Who's Your Daddy

Released in 2002, this playful and flirtatious song showcases Keith's playful side and infectious energy.