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Unforgettable Duets: Toby Keith's Top Collaborations Through the Years

Time for Me to Ride

This high-energy rock-infused duet with Kid Rock pushed the boundaries of country music, showcasing Keith's willingness to experiment and collaborate with artists from different genres. It garnered critical acclaim and further expanded his fan base.

Love Me If You Can

This emotional ballad, featuring the powerful vocals of Kimmie Rhodes, explored themes of love and loss. It showcased Keith's versatility as a collaborator and his ability to create impactful duets beyond the realm of party anthems.

Happy Birthday

This unique duet, recorded live with country legend Kris Kristofferson, paid tribute to the legacy of Johnny Cash. It highlighted Keith's respect for his musical roots and his ability to collaborate with artists across generations.

Trailer Trash Queen

This lighthearted and humorous duet with comedian Victoria Jackson added a comedic element to Keith's repertoire. It showcased his playful side and ability to connect with audiences through unexpected collaborations.

The Fighter

This introspective duet with fellow country icon Clint Black reflected on aging and facing challenges. It resonated with listeners and highlighted Keith's ability to create meaningful collaborations that transcended genre limitations.

3 Chord Country and American Rock & Roll

This powerful duet with the legendary Merle Haggard celebrated the roots of country music and its connection to rock & roll. It served as a testament to Keith's respect for his musical heritage and his ability to collaborate with icons of the genre.

The Revolution

This unexpected collaboration with Latin music star Pitbull surprised fans and critics alike. It showcased Keith's willingness to step outside his comfort zone and experiment with new sounds, further expanding his artistic reach and influence.

I Should've Been a Cowboy

This playful duet, inspired by Keith's original hit, gave Wilson a major career boost and further solidified his reputation for genre-bending collaborations. It showcased the power of his music to resonate with both established and emerging artists

How Do You Like Me Now

This sassy and empowering duet, featuring the then-unknown Yearwood, became an instant hit. It challenged gender stereotypes and showcased Keith's ability to collaborate with female artists while maintaining his signature sound.

Beer for My Horses

This iconic duet, a laid-back ode to friendship and shared experiences, brought together two country music legends. It topped the Billboard country charts and won the CMA Award for Vocal Event of the Year, solidifying its place as a classic.