Where Can We Find NASA? 


NASA's central hub, its headquarters, is located in the nation's capital, overseeing all of the agency's nationwide projects and missions.

Center in Florida

This iconic site serves as the primary launch center for human spaceflight missions, playing a central role in both historical launches and future space exploration.

Center in Texas

Home to the Mission Control Center, it's the heart of NASA's manned space missions, including training for astronauts and monitoring ongoing spaceflights.

Laboratory in California

Operated in conjunction with Caltech, JPL is the leading center for the robotic exploration of the solar system, developing and managing unmanned missions.

Marshall Space

Specializing in rocketry and spacecraft propulsion, this center plays a key role in developing technologies for space exploration missions.

Center in California

Known for its advancements in aeronautics, computing, and technology, Ames contributes significantly to NASA's research and development efforts.

Goddard Space

Focusing on the study of Earth, the sun, our solar system, and the universe, Goddard oversees many of NASA's science missions and satellite projects.


As NASA's oldest field center, Langley focuses on aeronautical research, atmospheric sciences, and technology development for space exploration.

Center in Ohio

Specializing in propulsion, space communication, and power generation, Glenn plays a crucial role in advancing the technology needed for future missions.